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WordPress Optimization Service

More than 18 years of experience online, we know WordPress and we know servers. Let us optimize your platform to make sure it loads as fast as possible.

More than 17 years of experience helping thousands of customers optimize and accelerate their sites.

WordPress fix

We handle most website tasks or WordPress fixes and can start immediately. Think of us as WordPress technicians, here to work on and solve your WordPress issues. All of our WordPress experts are full-time direct employees, each with at least three years experience working on, and fixing WordPress websites.

Fix a hacked site

If your site has been defaced by a malicious third party, it is important to not only clean the infection but to stop it from happening again.

We’ll remove the source of the problem, add some protection to your site, and set you up with our backups to add another line of defence in future.

Proactive monitoring

Our advanced monitoring system will automatically run checks to ensure sites are working as they should.

Should downtime be detected, a task will be auto-generated and an expert will begin investigating the issue immediately. Only available on a maintenance plan.

Regular updates

WordPress must be updated along with all plugins and themes. Updates can cause conflicts or errors or may clash with web server settings such as PHP versions.

We’ll take care of this all for you.

Speed up your site

A slow site forces customers elsewhere. There are optimisations we can make that reduce loading times, for example by caching data to stop a site being.

This can cut the bounce rate on your website and improves the experience for your visitors.

Other common requests:

These are other solutions we offer to improve your WordPress website’s performance.

Our plans include:
  • Fix the white screen of death
  • Configure a WordPress Plugin
  • Set up DNS Records
  • Set up website caching
  • Contact forms not delivering emails
  • Fix PHP Errors
  • Tweak CSS
  • Fix a WordPress database connection error

FastWeb value

How is FastWeb such good value?

We’ve been involved with hosting and systems for over ten years and work at scale. Our fixed fee price represents a balance between some simple and some complex tasks and is far simpler than us having to bespoke quote each job, or charge an hourly rate.
If a new task is raised we aim to be looking into it immediately. We fix most WordPress issues well within two hours.


Expert developer support

All FastWeb team members have at least three years of experience as developers or hosting technicians. With the range of support we offer, complex tasks are sometimes assigned to specialists.

Because we offer non-stop 24/7 support, we can work on most issues immediately (and continuously) until they are finished.

For more involved tasks which may require ongoing correspondence with you or a third party, we may tie it to one team member to ensure one person works on an issue, or assign it to others if that team member finishes their shift. Our aim is to provide you with the best service we can as a long-term partner.

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More than 18 years of experience in WordPress


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