WordPress toolkit

WordPress Toolkit is a management interface that will allow you to perform various tasks all in one place. Installing and configuring your website has never been so easy. With this new tool, cPanel will allow you to manage WordPress entirely from one place.

If we have our beloved site created with WordPress, we will access the WordPress Toolkit via our control panel (cpanel.mysite.com):

WordPress Toolkit is the evolution of management.

You can manage as many websites as you want with this tool and you will have everything you need at your disposal.

Toolkit was created to facilitate WordPress administration, and this includes diagnostics and solutions against vulnerabilities after scanning the Theme/Plugins of our website.

A complete and safe Toolkit for WordPress

You will be able to configure plugins, themes, manage backups and passwords. This toolkit is ideal foe managing multiple sites.

Everything you need for a complete WordPress installation

By creating theme and plugin sets, you can auto-configure new WordPress installations to save time and effort. Forget about repetitive tasks with Toolkit.

Herramientas de mantenimiento, copias de seguridad y más

Show custom message for visitors to see or put your site into maintenance mode and take your time to perform tasks to keep your website healthy.

A whole lot of resources to bring greatness to your website

Performing several tasks is easier now. Stage, clone, migrate, copy and more in just a couple of steps. This toolkit will allow users to install themes and plugins even from WordPress.org. You will be able to manage them per website or in bulk across all your owned sites.

Following the community experts recommendations, keep your website safe by scanning and hardening it against security risks.

Get access to WordPress Toolkit

In the domains category within cPanel, you should find the WordPress Toolkit. If you don’t get to see the icon, get in touch with your hosting provider as it probably needs to be activated.

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