WordPress Maintenance Plan

Secure, Optimize and acelerate your WordPress

More than 16 years of experience helping thousands of customers optimize and accelerate their sites.

Plugins included

The ideal web builder for WordPress, in its Pro version to include all the additional functionalities.

Fast and lightweight WordPress templates, Astra Pro allows you to enable only the functionalities you need.

LiteSpeed Cache or WP Rocket

We take care of configuring LiteSpeed cache or WP Rocket, according to your site, to get the most out of the most complete optimization plugin for WordPress.


Perfmatters includes everything you need to host Analytics locally, disable plugins in some parts of your site, plus numerous additional optimizations.


Forget spam in your WordPress with CleanTalk Premium. We protect any form of comments or registrations.

Fluent Forms Pro​

Create simple contact forms, or complex forms with variables and conditions, in addition to keeping a record of all the data from an intuitive interface.

Oxygen Builder

Are you a developer and Gutenberg and Elementor seem heavy to you? Oxygen builder allows you to take full control of your design, editing the code to your liking.


Enhance the native WordPress search engine with the best plugin available. Customize the results and analyze the searches made by your visits.

Maintenance and support plans for WordPress

We suggest installing only the required plugins. We can help you select them according to your needs.

Optimization and performance

We boost your WordPress

The freedom of WordPress is its advantage, and also its disadvantage. Not all plugins and themes are the same, and many are very inefficient.

The possibility of installing hundreds of thousands of plugins causes some sites to execute an unnecessary amount of queries to the database, or PHP processes with high CPU consumption, forcing to expand hardware or hosting resources, many times with very little traffic.

We know this problem and we have experience working with the most diverse types of sites. We help you meet your needs with the most recommended plugins, and we analyze the bottleneck in your site so that consumption is efficient, with a fast site from computers and cell phones.

Original plugin licenses

We keep your platform updated and secure

There are many companies offering certain types of plugins, without a license, or with files or modifications so as not to review updates.

This not only does not collaborate with the creators of the plugins, but it creates a security problem on your site and we do not recommend it at all.

In case you do not have the necessary investment for a certain plugin, there are many very good free alternatives that do not expose the security of your site, and of your visits.