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Thanks to our dedicated hardware and optimization, Cloudflare has awarded us its OPTIMIZED PARTNER recognition, allowing us to offer you much more for less, including the free basic version of this incomparable CDN (Global Content Distribution Network) technology that supports :

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Why CloudFlare?

Rocket loader

Automatically optimize your pages to minimize the number of network connections, even ensuring that third-party resources do not decrease the performance of the pages.

Nothing to install

Cloudflare Optimizer is available without any hardware, software or code changes. With a simple DNS change, it can be up and running in five minutes.


On-the-fly removal of unnecessary HTML, CSS and JavaScript characters. It decreases by 20% the size of a file and works without caching making it compatible even with fully dynamic pages.

Header optimization

Automatically adjusts the instructions in the cache headers so that browsers correctly store a site’s resources to minimize the need for new requests.

Easy turn on/off

All Cloudflare Optimization services are easily turned on and off. Do you want to try some of their services? They light up with a click! Do you want to turn off one of them? Just another click!

JavaScript grouping

Charging times are a priority. Combine multiple JavaScript files into a single request to avoid overloading multiple network requests.

Local caching

Use the local storage of modern browsers and mobile devices to cache the necessary objects to improve your page

Reduced connections

Combine multiple JavaScript files into a single request, allowing you to avoid sending multiple network requests, bypassing bottlenecks.

Browser optimization

Browser optimization automatically adjusts the way content is delivered based on access to the site on the particular device, maximizing speed without affecting the look of the site or its features.

Content Delivery Network

Cloudflare has more than 200 points distributed throughout the plane so that your content is always geographically close to your visits.

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