Étimo Biomateriales

Étimo Biomateriales Web design Etimo arises from curiosity about the materials that surround us and their origins. Etimo produces 100% biodegradable biomaterials by reusing and resignifying waste, generating materials with unique sensory experiences. Each step of the process is designed to guarantee local sustainability. The biomaterials are made from gastronomic waste typical of the local […]

Gustavo Gargiulo

Gustavo Gargiulo Web design He was born in Buenos Aires in 1982. He studied trumpet in his hometown, joining various ensembles and orchestras. His vocation for ancient music brought him closer to dabbling first in the baroque trumpet (with Laszlo Borsody), and since 2004 the cornetto, beginning his first steps with Lene Langballe (Denmark). He […]

Valeria Velasquez

Valeria Velasquez Web design Valeria Velasquez is a violinist born in Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Patagonia Argentina, currently based in Buenos Aires. She has made national and international tours declared of high cultural interest by the Foreign Ministry of the Argentine Nation, touring eight European countries and several Argentine provinces. She is currently finishing her Bachelor’s […]

Orquesta Cámara del Plata

Orquesta cámara del plata Web design In order to disseminate the chamber orchestral repertoire of the Baroque and Classicism, a group of outstanding instrumentalists dedicated to the study and interpretation of these periods of the history of music, convened under the leadership of Pablo Banchi. To the ensemble made up of a set of instruments, […]

Apícola Calandri

Calandri is an Argentine company that has specialized in beekeeping for 80 years. This site aims to enrich the story and strengthen the concept of a brand that offers a varied list of healthy bee products.

Nueva Medicina Germánica

German New Medicine focuses on spreading the discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer.

This site shares detailed and technical information about this science, addressing the 5 laws of biology. In turn, the platform allows for courses and consultations.


Latin America is the most unequal region on the planet. TECHO works in popular settlements to face the problem of housing and habitat.

Javier Weintraub

Javier Weintraub Web design Argentine violinist, he has immersed himself in a large number of styles throughout his career. He began his studies at the age of eight at the López Buchardo National Conservatory, from which he graduated as a National Professor of Music and a Bachelor of Musical Arts with a specialization in violin, […]

Instituto Junin

Instituto Junin, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, offers an online platform ready to communicate with its students and allow new people to enroll in the courses and careers it offers.