WordPress 6.1

WordPress 6.1, also known as “Misha” was released to the public on November 1, 2022. This is the third major update of the year, one which refines the site-building experience as it interacts with enhancements from previous versions.

As usual, we recommend you to update your website as soon as possible not only for security reasons but also performance. We invite you to keep reading this article for a more detailed analysis of the new updates and changes.

More tools and functionalities

WordPress 6.0 brought us a wide variety of updates and upgrades to the previous version. Since it’s release, administrators, editors and content creators have at their disposal improved tools to publish content. Now, 6.1 will take those tools even further, focusing on specific funcionalities that will make it even easier for them to create.

New default theme, say hello to “Twenty Twenty-Three”

This new default theme will include 10 different styles to provide a wide range of color variants to allowing you to pick the one that suits your style best with just a couple of clicks. This theme is also tagged as “Accessibility ready” which means it went through an accessibility review to certify it complies with all the requirements needed to be approved as such.

Improve your creating process with new templates

More templates are available now in the Site Editor. Find custom templates for posts and pages or even edit them to fit your taste and needs. Also customize template parts as headers and footers with a new search-and-replace tool.

More accessible menus

UI enhancements include a simplified block toolbar with menu management now moved to the block sidebar controls.

New ways to edit headings, set colors and customize styles

The styles UI which allows creators to modify aspects of styling a layout globaly across an entire site has seen several updates in WordPres 6.1. The panel now provides the ability to edit headings across all blocks, including typography and color controls. Now it is also possible to edit the link hover color in menus.

Easier block spacing control

In the global styles menu, it is now possible to edit the block spacing of your whole website with just a simple drag of the controller.

Better lists and quotes

Both the list and quote blocks have received major updates in this release with both now supporting inner blocks. Now it’s easier to change a text block into a list and select, move and edit each item individually. The same happens when changing text blocks into quote blocks, faster and easier than ever.

Final thoughts

With update 6.0 preceding, this new version compliments some quality-of-life improvements our beloved cms received allowing users to optimize time and effort to work along the whole manager. We highly recommend all users to update to WordPress 6.1 as soon as possible along with all installed plugins.

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